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Is Supernatural Sexist?

Supernatural is a story of men who cannot accomplish the one thing men want the most – to keep their loved ones safe from harm.


Messed Up Love Songs

Luckily, they make love songs for twisted and dysfunctional creeps too.



Knowing that it’s time to say goodbye doesn’t make doing it any easier.


Poor Partners

In classical art, you almost never see Athena and Aphrodite depicted together. There’s a reason for that, and it’s not the same reason you never see Clark Kent and Superman in the same room.


Many of You Are Going to Hell

Scripture and Tradition both indicate that few are saved and many are damned. Should Christians assent to this doctrine?


Vive La France!

Félicitations, nos amis. C’est la triomphe de la liberté, égalité, et l’amour. Célébrer et soyez joyeux!


Visiting Heaven

Eban Alexander has journeyed to heaven and returned to tell the tale. In addition to writing an upcoming book, he chose to publish his private revelation in the pages of Newsweek. He’s a neurosurgeon,...


Log in, glaze over, tune out

One of the several bees who are long term residents in David Brooks’s bonnet is that a certain kind of love between teacher and student is what really spurs learning. Today’s iteration of the theme occurs...


Book notes: Sex at Dawn

I suppose I’m the most likely culprit here to read and comment on the recent book Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What it Means for Modern Relationships by Christopher...

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