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Coming to terms with Lost

I’m finding myself oddly at peace with the end of Lost today, having spent far too much time thinking about it yesterday and this morning. There are still a number of things I would...


Lost blogging: What They Died For

[updated] I’ve been terribly remiss in my Lost blogging. Unfortunately, my schedule and my lack of a television make it hard for me to blog about TV shows – even shows like Lost which...


And now for something completely different

I realize that I have been teetering on the brink of some form of madness or obsession the last couple days, though I believe it was madness based on reasonable grounds and sound logic....


Lost blogging – ‘Sundown’

I’m a little late to my Lost blogging again – mainly because I didn’t end up watching ‘Sundown’ until this past Friday.  I thought it was a good episode.  Very dark.  The show is...


Lost blogging – ‘Lighthouse’

I think I’m going to start blogging weekly on the final season of Lost.  I wish I’d started this with the season premiere, but it’s too late for that. As a primer – I...


Lost vs. Heroes

Following up a little on my last post wherein I quoted Peter Suderman lamenting the lack of direction and planning for the show Battlestar Galactica, let me just add that two other shows I...

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