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Stange Bedfellows for a Popular but Dumb Idea

Governing and legislating is hard, cheap media pops like this are not, so it’s no wonder of wonders when Ted Cruz and AOC go for the latter when opportunity presents.

The Lobbiest.

OG Scott has just started a new blog over at True/Slant that, in his words, “looks at the politics of lobbying and the impacts of lobbyists on politics,” called The Lobbiest (oh, Scott and...

Words Fail

A former lobbyist for Pakistan has been hired by the State Department to coordinate aid to that country, which may highlight loopholes in the administration’s tough new lobbying rules, designed to slow Washington’s revolving...

Needs More AIPAC!

In comments downblog, Roque Nuevo is looking for something to back up E.D.’s assertion that “No other foreign policy lobby is as active or as strong as AIPAC.” Whatever one’s feelings about American policy...

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