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The Kaleidoscopic Languages of Love

This got me thinking: what are some phrases in other languages that capture kaleidoscopic meanings that do not have ready English counterparts?


Remarking on the Unremarkable and Making it Remarkable

Earlier tonight, I expressed surprise that the idea that AIPAC is more powerful and active than any other foreign policy interest group is deemed at all controversial.  I went on to point out some...


Self-Identification, pluralism, and all that…

Okay.  So, after writing this and unintentionally sparking a number of reactions including a pretty good number of dissenting comments (good natured cries of “ignorance” and “ignoramous!”), a follow-up post, a few other responses...


Capitulation and Retreat

Alright, so apparently I have capitulated too much (as opposed to, say,”the blogger doth protest too much, methinks”) to Larison’s recent critique of my use of the term “dogmatic.” In sum, I used this...

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