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Flying High, and Low

“I can’t find the time” is what we say when we want to curtsy at endeavors that are merely day-dreams, and not actually things we have any real passion or desire to pursue


A Timeless Box Full of Whistles

The story of Handel, a young Mozart, a Dutch church, Johnny Cash, and holding my kids hand, all set to the subtle sounds of a pipe organ.


Ever Heard “Hey Joe?”

I used to think that I missed out, that I was born in the wrong era when it comes to music.

Trophy Lives

It is epically discouraging to know that no matter how hard you try, someone else is always going to be better.

A Sore Test of a New Conviction

Strong is the desire for vengeance. Pretends to be “justice,” vengeance does.

But down that path, no benefit will you find.

Can We Have Post-Modern Faith?

A new study out of the University of Chicago shows, in its words, a “modest” decline of belief in God globally, with dramatic variations among individual countries.  I don’t want to argue about the...

At James B Franks’ Request, a MON TIKI Update!

  January 1, 2012: If there’s a phrase from this passage that feels like it hits a little too close to home, it’s “schemer and narcissist”. It’s an occupational hazard for anyone trying to...

Idiots and Maniacs

  Tony Comstock, writing about his “Sputnik Moment“: Okay, I pretty much wonder “What the fish have I done with my life?” every time I have a set major back (which is pretty much...

A Brave Foot Forward

Nicole Pamby is an old blogging friend of mine. She mostly blogs about her career as a freelance writer but today she shared some of her personal life.

Draft Protests

Perhaps it’s best to think of our historical opposition to war not as war protest but as draft protest. I’ve been reading Jerome Marmorstein’s “War As a Disease Epidemic” lately with a student I...

Bible Verse and Commentary

Matthew 25:31-46 – “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his glorious throne. All the nations will be gathered before him, and...

Henry Farrell’s Modest Proposal

He first notes a contrast: On the one side of the balance sheet, we have Richard B. Cheney. This gentleman, now in private life, is a self-admitted and unrepentant perpetrator of war crimes –...

Please Check Out Our Junk (Mail)

On behalf of the League, we’d like to invite everyone and anyone to subscribe to our weekly update, The Retroactive Table of Contents. Each week the League publishes between thirty and forty political editorials,...

Fun with Azathoth

You all know that I’m not a religious believer. But you might ask: What fills the God-shaped hole? Something has to, right? It’s a fair question, but my answer is pretty weird. I don’t...