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Hollywood Squares

Freddie nods approvingly at Conor Friedersdorf’s latest manifesto for conservative writers and entertainers at Doublethink online, and sure enough, it’s a good read. But I wonder if Hollywood’s laissez-faire approach to ideology extends to...


On Safety Nets

“By treating any and all social safety nets as irreversible steps on the Road to Serfdom, we allow liberals and progressives to shape those policies in ways that are inefficient, ineffective, and overbroad –...



Reading over Will’s post about Geert Wilders’ manifesto to save Western Civilization got me thinking.  Not so much about Wilders or the actual manifesto, given that I think he is a Class A wackjob,...


Equal Protection Under the Laws: The Libertarian Ideal

Thanks to John, I am pointed to these two rather strange arguments in favor of the Drug War and against libertarian use of statistics on race against the Drug War from Jonah Goldberg.  John...


The Final Word on Liber-al-tarianism

I honestly thought I was done on this topic, and for the most part I am.  But given the misunderstandings that seem to have developed (e.g., arguing that it’s “big-government libertarianism,” or that the...


Leaving the Right to Save the Right

Amongst several others, Ross Douthat has some really good thoughts on my arguments for a more liberal libertarianism. So good are a lot of these responses that I could probably spend the next month discussing them (don’t worry, I won’t). But Ross’ points are probably the most comprehensive.


The Tone-Deafness of the “Statism” Charge

Jonah Goldberg argues that a left-libertarian fusionism is not only doomed to failure but is in fact likely to lead to a less libertarian, more “statist” society: As for it being undesirable, I am...



K. Anthony Appiah writes: Alan Wolfe is the sort of social theorist who would rather be plausible than provocative. Eschewing the lunacies of the left and the right—avoiding even their slighter sillinesses—he hews to...


The Promise of Liberaltarianism

Scott and Chris each take issue with my post on Liberaltarianism in a Liberal Age, Scott on the grounds that a coalition of liberals and libertarians holds the greatest promise for advancing a libertarian...


Phony in-house Conservative Battles

My former political editor at the late-great Culture11, James Poulos makes an excellent contribution to a roundtable discussing Sam Tanenhaus’ piece declaring the death of movement conservativism.  Tanenhaus’ original article is here.  The roundtable...


Commonhood Liberaltarianism

As one of the two resident unidentifiable (politically) members of the League, I thought I might give some sense of where I’m coming by riffing off Mark’s excellent post on Liberaltarianism in the Obama...

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