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The Gig Is Up

Sohrab Ahmari is mad as hell and he is not going to take it anymore. He is shocked, shocked that drag queens read stories to children at public libraries.

A Polish Joke

The whole point was to see myself through other eyes, note the differences in perception, and try to understand where they come from.

Role Reversals

Elias’ latest post gave me a little epiphany this morning. He mentions social Darwinism as a feature of the Paul Ryan budget proposal, the not-so-subtle subtext of course is that conservatives believe in social Darwinism

Defining Liberalism: A deontological account

I know that this post is going to get me into lots of hot water with a number of guys (which I mean in the most gender neutral way) at the league here whom I deeply...

Why Do Liberals Care About Ron Paul’s Goldbuggery?

~by Ryan B Let’s call this a sequel to my last post, because it’s at least motivated by some of the same concerns. Short summary of that one: a lot of popular liberal bloggers...

The Iron Binary and Reagan’s Succession Crisis

By Kyle (of Vogue Republic) In the grand discussion of where should Conservative leaders lead and where do they go, it’s important to get a good lay of the land, a solid bearing of...

caricatures & demons

It’s interesting to watch how conservatives and liberals treat each other.  How they categorize one another.  I’ve tried to distinguish between the two – since it seems they each have different methods of dehumanizing...