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We Don’t Need ‘City-Slicker Elegy’

Stop normalizing pathological snobbery, such as “everyone who voted Trump is an inbred, lardlicking oaf ripped from Hillbilly Elegy”

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The Crimson Letter

The world you think you want, if everyone would stay quiet and follow your rules, will not be implemented without an astronomical cost in human life.

Ignoring the Lessons of Donald Trump

As Donald Trump continues to make a mess domestically and internationally, have his opponents learned anything? Nope.

You are Going to Die

Is it possible that the idea of death tickling at the back of our mind is pushing us to be more ideologically rigid as our population ages? Is fear driving our new partisan gulf? As a thought experiment let’s be brave and think about death for just a moment.


Recently there was a discussion here about the value of OT co-founder Freddie deBoer’s writing,

The Problem of Doing

in which I attempt clumsily to reconcile liberalism with libertarianism and move on

Religious Liberty is a Farce

Religious liberty is only given priority when the stakes don’t matter. That’s because few truly believe that “religious” beliefs have special status.

The Liberal-Radical Relationship

The radical and the liberal suffer from opposite afflictions.* The radical, taking her distance from the mainstream as a measure of her probity, hastens the isolating slide. Existing in a brutally unjust world, her...

Ideology is the Enemy: Prelude

Over the next several weeks months I will be writing about the recent ascendance of ideology in the United States and why it worries me.  Specifically, I worry that the voting public’s generations-long desire...

The State of the Union’s Quiet Radicalism

Michael Tomasky of The Daily Beast’s response to the president’s fifth State of the Union address sounds much like my own. It was Obama’s second liberal stemwinder in a row; and if nothing else, the...

The Second Inaugural: A Big Speech

[A little late to post this, I know, but I just realized I had not shared it with the League when I first wrote it. — EI] I don’t know what I expected to...

What’s the Matter with New York?

Two months ago, which is, like, 49 months in blog-months, Kevin Drum suggested there was a very good essay to be written called “Why People Hate Liberals.” This is not that essay. But it reminded me...

Democracy Symposium: Cantamos los Estados Unidos

Note: This post is part of our League Symposium on Democracy. You can read the introductory post for the Symposium here. To see a list of all posts in the Symposium so far, click here. — We...

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