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ENDA’s Game

In which the necessity of a law is politically dismissed because of a massive public misunderstanding by a man with an eerily orange face.


Is Divided Government More Responsive?

I’m not sure how well Freddie and I addressed the central question of our discussion last night, to wit, how to overcome the institutional problems in our representative democracy.  But the discussion about health...


A Realistic Health Care Alternative Going Nowhere

[N/B: See below for a significant update/clarification] One of the criticisms levied at the alternative health care proposals discussed by E.D. and I over the last few weeks has been that these proposals, which...


Needs More AIPAC!

In comments downblog, Roque Nuevo is looking for something to back up E.D.’s assertion that “No other foreign policy lobby is as active or as strong as AIPAC.” Whatever one’s feelings about American policy...