Lessons From Bar Fight Litigation

By special request: Burt Likko reflects on a dozen or so not-particularly-glamorous cases from early in his career.

Religious Liberty Means Religious Privilege

So far two bakeries have faced legal challenges to their refusal to make wedding cakes for same-sex weddings. Opponents of same-sex marriage see these cases as the start of a fast approaching widespread persecution. Personally, I don’t see how the act of baking a cake for a wedding implies approval of that wedding, but the…

Coca-Cola, Big Tobacco, and Why the Personal Responsibility of the Consumer Should Not Be Allowed to Excuse Corporate Malfeasance

A new ad by Coca-Cola has caused a bit of fuss over the intertubes, including in the threads of a post by Ethan over in Off the Cuff.  The debate that’s raging is centered on the questions of whether or not people should have the freedom to drink unhealthy soft drinks if they wish, and…