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Devin Nunes and the Very Delicate Feelings

Nunes has claimed a news network, a social network, a fictional cow, and a few journalists have done almost a billion dollars in damage to his feelings


Let My People Go

One company begins an experiment in ways to take enlightened management techniques down a notch, conveniently in the middle of union negotiations. Burt Likko offers a few answers to the question, “What could possibly go wrong?”


Linky Friday No. 61

It’s Linky Friday and now you have a way to malinger productivity while reading random links embedded in wry comments that are only funny after you read the articles!


ENDA’s Game

In which the necessity of a law is politically dismissed because of a massive public misunderstanding by a man with an eerily orange face.


Religious Liberty Means Religious Privilege

So far two bakeries have faced legal challenges to their refusal to make wedding cakes for same-sex weddings. Opponents of same-sex marriage see these cases as the start of a fast approaching widespread persecution....


Notes from a litigious society

I would like to congratulate Justice Paul Wooten of the State Supreme Court in Manhattan for his no-nonsense ruling that 4-year-old children should be open to lawsuits for biking recklessly. In the case of...


If I Were Shirley Sherrod’s Attorney…

(UPDATED) I’d strongly advise against this course of action.  It is certainly true that what Breitbart did was wrong and blatantly misleading.  To the average person lacking a preexisting loyalty to Breitbart, the defenses...