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How Tan Was My MRAP

With police accountability very much in question, the easy and flippant lip service of “at no cost” and “find a way to use it” are grossly irresponsible

For The Cold Case Files

Does the Fourth Amendment allow law enforcement to gather an arrestee’s genetic sequence and compare it with a large FBI database of genetic material gathered from old, unsolved crimes? [Continued at NaPP]

The war on barbershops

Yet another example of our ludicrous economic policies mixing it up with our ludicrous law enforcement policies: As many as 14 armed Orange County deputies, including narcotics agents, stormed Strictly Skillz barbershop during business...

Slippery Slopes

Andrew Sullivan’s dissection of one Boston cop’s overtly racist response to the Gates arrest is worth reading in full, but this part caught my eye: And the more you read, the more you realize...

Due Deference

[updated below] National Review’s obnoxious (and predictable) response to the mistaken arrest of a black Harvard professor has been to publish this truly remarkable post from Roger Clegg: Even if race played some role...