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Bad Words

Unpopular opinion: there are no bad words.


The Church Militant

What does the sword have to do with the Christian spiritual life? Everything, according to Michael Voris, the producer of an internet television station. The faithful, he believes, are born for combat.


My Handwriting, My Self

New languages seep into you—slowly at first, and then, suddenly, you begin to notice its influence.  At least in the anecdotes, this frequently happens through the confusion of words as the mind is momentarily...


Trust, Standing, and Communication

The week’s “Almost All-Rush-Limbaugh” posts got me to thinking about language and the use thereof, and this of course always makes me think of Mr. Carlin (requiescat in pace).  Needless to say, this post...


Sympathy with the Kabbalists

I once wrote a short story for workshop that involved, I believe, the narrator dismissing any approach to grief informed by the Kabbalah as guilty of a kind of heretical dualism.  It wasn’t this-worldly...


Punctuated Equilibrium

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 4/11/2011 – Christopher Carr to William, Robert, Becca, Kevin, Kevin, Adam, Caitlin, Joseph, Julie, Dmitri Hey guys, Wondering what you thought about this cover letter:   Here’s the job description: Title: Junior Digital Video Production Assistant...


Chabon-Inspired Stray Thoughts on Huck Finn

I know, I know.  You thought you were done with that whole Huck Finn controversy.  But for a final word — and, in its way, maybe the truest — you should take a look...


Language & Politics

In the comments, Mike at the Big Stick writes: I’ve often used the term Progressive Conservative for myself (although I stop sub-labeling after watching all of ED Kain’s self-labeling acrobatics). I would just note...


I’m doing this for the Centaurs

This is very nice of Conor to say, and his larger point is something a lot of commenters here have been saying for quite a while – labels are unimportant, they simply can’t define...



Many reliable writing guides tell us to visualize all figures of speech. This is almost always good advice. It’s particularly good advice while reading a piece of bad writing. The infelicitous but visualized figure...


excellent well, you are a fishmonger

“The less/fewer distinction isn’t really that hard to learn, but it would be much easier to not have to bother. I can’t think of any situations in which the existence of the two different...


bad analogies

I was out for drinks with friends and Israel came up in the conversation.  A friend of mine said that she’d heard somewhere – Fox maybe? – that if you likened Gaza to a...