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Knowledge 21

What We Do Know, Don’t Know, and Need to Know About Knowledge

Every so often on social media the question go around “if you lived in X period of time in history, what knowledge and skills would you still have that would be useful?” So in the information age of digital knowledge, what is that we know that will still be useful in the future?


Giving It All Away

What happens when the professor just plain gives away all the answers?


The Silence is Deafening, but not Illuminating

Okay, don’t worry: this post is not about Rush Limbaugh or birth control pills. Alas! That stories so voluminously begun as the Chronicle of Limbaughpalooza 2012 (or Slutpocalypse Now) should come to so lame...


Compassion & Knowledge

Good grief, but this is some extraordinary writing from Ta-Nehisi Coates: For an African-American like me, the upshot of all this gorgeous writing is bracing–one is forced to behold beauty in those who saw...


The limits of doing this for free

Will Wilkinson links to this post by Ezra Klein, who makes a very good point: Fairly few political commentators know enough to decide which research papers are methodologically convincing and which aren’t. So we...


excellent well, you are a fishmonger

“The less/fewer distinction isn’t really that hard to learn, but it would be much easier to not have to bother. I can’t think of any situations in which the existence of the two different...



Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with this sense that all of this is an exercise in futility – that there is simply too much to know, too much I don’t know, too much I don’t or...