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Not Close

Kevin Drum provides a wonderful opportunity for me to launch my first volley in the struggle to write the first draft of history for the 2012 election: Liberals, you should rein in the triumphalism....


What’s the Matter with New York?

Two months ago, which is, like, 49 months in blog-months, Kevin Drum suggested there was a very good essay to be written called “Why People Hate Liberals.” This is not that essay. But it reminded me...


Guest blogging for Kevin Drum

Leaguefest Las Vegas was a blast. Other than my wife coming down with a stomach bug; the headache I got Friday night that came on like a pre-hangover hangover; and the flu (or bad...


No, Americans are not “operationally liberal”

Responding to my demurrer to “the old saw that Americans are ideologically conservative but operationally liberal,” Yeggmen sticks up for the saw:  what researchers have (repeatedly) done is get a bunch of people together...


Kevin Drum’s Jobs Plan

Kevin Drum wants a $1 trillion infrastructure investment to kick-start the economy. I think that even if you take the stimulus argument out of the picture – infrastructure investment is slow and not exactly...


not the Europe we had in mind

Matt Yglesias points us to this chart, which is depressing enough on its own: Then, both he and Kevin Drum, go on to point out that job losses are likely going to be long-term....

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