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Trump 68

Now Cometh the Bunker Mentality, Trump Style

The “Bunker Mentality” is nothing new in the White House. Almost every president of the modern era has been accused of it at various points. President Trump could be said to have been in such posture from day one.

Omarosa 3

Omarosa Manigault Newman’s Tale of the Tapes

Omarosa is doing the media rounds with a tell-all book to sell, tapes of President Trump, John Kelly, and claims of more to come. While her own credibility issues mean this will probably be a temporary annoyance, this is a headache completely of the President’s own making.


Are People Googling My Moobs?

I like to keep tabs with how the site is doing in terms of traffic; not just the volume of our traffic, but where it’s coming from.  As we try to grow the site,...