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Wednesday Writs 4/22: Ramos v. Louisiana

This week, the Court delivered its decision in Ramos v. Louisiana, in what must be among the most fractured opinions in SCOTUS history. Let me try to break that down:


Michael Avenatti Convicted

From Hero of the Resistance to possible Presidential candidate to convicted felon, it’s been a long and awful fall from grace.


Joe Biden’s Right

There has been a push for justice reform in recent years, much of it regarding the extended incarceration for non-violent drug crime. Biden’s statement that non-violent offenders should not be in prison is not a new idea, and it is one deserving of some consideration.

Linky Friday: Outrage

Linky Friday returns and brings you links and stories about outrage, protests, wrongdoing, affrontary, grievances, and Monty Python.

SCOTUS Takes a Bite Out of Civil Forfeiture

Critics of civil forfeiture are cheering a new, unanimous Supreme Court decision which strikes a significant blow to the practice. The use of forfeiture actions, in which states file suit to confiscate the property of those accused of crimes, has been under fire by people of all political stripes, who see it as an extreme and unfair overreach of power.

Wednesday Writs for 11/21

Your Wednesday Writs for 11/21 with links to legal and law stories such as case of the week, bad lawyers, dumb crooks, and Missouri laws on drastic measures to deal with runaway bulls.

Wednesday Writs for 10/17

Your weekly round-up of law-related links, from dumb criminals and obscure cases to recent developments of note.

Wednesday Writs for 10/10

Welcome to the first edition of Ordinary Times’s new linky feature, “Wednesday Writs”, which will attempt to bring to you the latest and most interesting headlines from the legal world.

Golden State Killer Suspect Arrested

Nearly 40 years is a long time to wait for justice, but for the victims of crimes attributed to the Golden State Killer that day may have come.

Gypsy Blancharde Is In Jail For Killing Her Mother

Dee Dee Blancharde abused her daughter Gypsy for more than two decades. She did so with the sanction and encouragement of medical professionals. Predictably, Gypsy is being required to pay the price.

Know Your Executioner

A condemned man in Tennessee wants his lawyers to depose the people who would be his executioners.

Once And For All

A verdict in Rome from which there will be no further appeal.

The Fish and the Manual

A revealing remark from a prosecutor arguing before the Supreme Court today, complete with Burt Likko’s translation of an exchange in plain English.

No Way To Die In California

A judge recently found that California’s death penalty, as it is administered, is cruel and unusual punishment, serving no identifiable purpose. Digging in to the opinion, Burt Likko finds a perverse conflict: an effort to comply with one part of the Constitution leads to a violation of another.