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Peter Singer Is Wrong

The famed bioethicist nods in approval at a Dutch politician’s assertion that animal rights trump religious freedom.  This was occasioned by ongoing attempts in the Netherlands to ban traditional Jewish and Muslim practices of animal slaughter....


On Faith After the Holocaust

(I promised myself I would attempt to respond to this article on Yom HaShoah.  The latter fell sooner than I thought, and no complete response, I suspect, is possible.  So with my caveat aside…)...


While Standing On One Foot

Via Joe Carter, a series of one-sentence summaries of the Bible from various “scholars and pastors.”  None of them take a path similar to Rabbi Hillel’s famous line — “What is hateful to you,...


As American as Passover

A few more idle thoughts on the preeminence of American Jewry: It’s not as if Jews haven’t played important roles in government before now – I once read that Charlemagne relied heavily on Jewish...


Why don’t Jews write fantasy?

Via First Thoughts, here’s a great essay on Jewish faith and fantasy writing. One of the authors featured, Lev Grossman, was interviewed by our very own E.D. Kain not too long ago.


plotting plotz on the bible

From an interview by The Daily Beast with David Plotz on his new book Good Book (which grew out of his original blogging the Bible series). I’m definitely not a better person by the...