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The Biden Era 36

Electoral Trends: Into The Biden Era

Which party’s electoral trends will benefit during the Biden era? Honestly, I can see trends on either side continuing or snapping away from either party


Inauguration Day in America

Live stream of the events of the day and discussion throughout as Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America.

Democratic Party 123

Voting for Nothing For the Last Time

We get from the Democrats a not-so-polite “no,” with a hint of self-righteous anger and condescension, when we dare demand better from them.

Donald Trump 100

A Mostly Peaceful Transition of Power

Many will be disappointed, but history tells us exactly what President Trump will do from here on out. And it doesn’t end in a bang.

Joe Biden 43

Forty-six and Two Ahead of Me

Joe Biden has won the presidency. Meaning 70 some days to 46. Two years until the midterms. Four years before we do it all again.

Donald Trump 259

The Antifa Case for Voting Trump

Donald Trump is no fascist. He’s a convenient bad guy, the mustachioed villain tailor made for everyone to boo…But Hitler he ain’t.

Joe Biden 185

The Curmudgeon’s Case for Biden

I inevitably find myself disappointed with every Democrat I vote for. This isn’t because my expectations are too high.

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