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Serving Up a Recession

The COVID-19 epidemic will be the first services recession, and it could be a bad one.


Ben Shapiro Works Those Feelings

For facts not caring about feelings, there sure are a lot of folks getting all up in their feels whenever Ben Shapiro is the topic.


Black Jobs Matter

I was laid off twice in 2 years. Did race have anything to do with it?


In Praise of Work

Work, not leisure, should be seen as the mark of the good life.


Sometimes The Headline Says It All

By chance, sometimes the U.S. News and World Report rankings provide actual insight validated by empirical evidence. This is one of those times.


Troubleshooting Inequality

In the past quarter-year or so, the economic news for the United States has been unpredictable. The end of 2011 and the very beginning of 2012 brought reports of sustained if not extraordinary growth,...


Some Underwhelming Reflections on “3/11”

Sunday was the one-year anniversary of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami that killed 20,000 people, and I feel I kind of owe it to myself and others to share my thoughts. I haven’t really...


What Is Welfare For?

Writing over at The New Inquiry, Ned Resnikoff asks the Left to think a little more concretely about what it means to fetishize, as most have during the Great Recession, jobs qua jobs. Using...


Beyond Capitalism

Umair Haque has an interesting post up at the Harvard Business Review asking whether Marx was in fact correct about capitalism – not about communism mind you, but about capitalism. Marx, after all, did...


More government jobs to weather the recession?

I’m not actually opposed to the idea of hiring more federal workers – especially if we are in the middle of a balance-sheet recession. Obviously the hiring that occurred for the Census has done...


Job Opening

If only I had a few more years of marketing experience under my belt . . .