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Ten Thousand Spoons

Overheard at a commuter rail station this morning.

This is… Oklahoma!

The least self-aware quote since “Only a Sith thinks in absolutes!”

A Tell

Here’s one way Burt Likko can tell when you’re committing perjury.

Fourteen Percent

Like the ten thousand spoons and all that.

The Specific Problem of Hipster Irony

In the New York Times’s ongoing philosophy column, The Stone, Christy Wampole informs us “How to Live Without Irony.” Actually, the more accurate headline would be “Why We Should Live Without Hipster Irony.” Her plea is mostly convincing,...

Meditating on Hipsters, Irony, and the Role of Status

What follows is in reference to this post about hipsters and irony. I will attempt to demonstrate one theory for how we get from hipsterism on the one hand to the politically destructive use of irony on the other....

Rally to restore Irony

Will Wilkinson writes that Peter Beinart’s critique of Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity “cuts deep…when he observes that the focus on ‘sanity’ is demeaning to the tea-party movement and its sympathisers, and reflects...

Irony of the Day – Lockerbie Bomber Edition

“Also, is it just me or is it rather surreal that he’s flying home on a commercial airliner (not Pan American, which ceased operations long before al-Megrahi ever went to trial) and climbing stairs...