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George Will & Iraq

Looks like George Will wants to leave Iraq, too.  I’m not convinced we can achieve much of anything there or in Afghanistan.  But this “break it you buy it” ethic keeps coming back to...


Yes, facts do change minds

I have my own reservations about George Will’s column on Afghanistan, but accusing Will of slavishly following public opinion is just silly. The argument – such as it is – seems to be that...


Thoughts on the Renewed Violence in Iraq

Steve Hynd over at Newshoggers has a very sharp post comparing aspects of the Afghanistan and Iraqi missions. Worth the read. I’m not quite sure about this: But whatever the root causes, the Iraqi...


Selling Out

Byron York’s column on the decline and fall of the antiwar Left makes for a depressing read.


Iraq June 30th

Tomorrow is the deadline for the exit of US Forces from the cities in Iraq, as per the details of the Status of Forces Agreement between the (then) Bush and Maliki governments. Peter Feaver,...


freedom and neoconservatism

“Iran’s green awakening may end awfully. But if it succeeds, it will be everything the neocons had hoped to achieve in Iraq – and also a demonstration of neoconservatism’s core fallacy, which is that...


Where We Fight

Sonny Bunch responds to my earlier post, arguing that overseas military operations divert potential terrorists from domestic attacks. I think this is pretty unpersuasive: 1.) The most spectacular terrorist attack ever carried out -September...


Flip a COIN

With the apparent (and horrifically bloody) demise of the Tamil Tigers it’s worth I think reviewing the context of this whole counterinsurgency debate.  Basically as Nir Rosen says there are two schools of counterinsurgency....


Not Knowing the Meaning of Words: Special Diplomacy Edition

Christian Brose writing at the Shadow Gov’t on the ForeignPolicy blogroll: Is negotiating akin to appeasement? No, not inherently, but as with everything, the devil’s in the details. Diplomacy is not just a synonym for...


Economic Interventionism

Mark raises an interesting point: Finally, I’d put an end to the concept of economic or diplomatic sanctions as a meaningful manner of achieving most diplomatic ends (the exception being targeted sanctions solely intended to...


The Humanitarian Empire

Scott wonders again whether there isn’t a place for humanitarian intervention, or a sort of anti-imperialist version, and asks if perhaps the problem is not so much the idea behind such a foreign policy,...


Idealism with a Sword

Scott, remarking on the improving conditions in Iraq, asks: If this is a trend that continues and increasingly results in a lowering of violence that both adds to the stability of Iraq and enables...