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Casus Contendentes (Now With Update)

Burt Likko wonders whether, despite the unmitigated human rights awfulness that is the nascent would-be state forming in northern Iraq, swallowing our idealism and adopting a strategy of economic containment wouldn’t be a more practical alternative to making war against ISIS.

UPDATE: Reaction to President Obama’s address of September 10.


A Vast Silence

The New York Times ran a story that took Burt Likko’s breath away in outrage when he read it last night. But apparently, he’s pretty much the only one.


Dignity, Empathy, and the Iraq War

So Digby’s reading these Iraq War mea culpas — and thank god for that because I tried before quickly determining I can’t stands no more: David Ignatius wrote his Iraq mea culpa today and...


Conflicting Accounts of Obama’s Foreign Policy Achievements

Andrew Sullivan wants Obamaites to more aggressively tout the President’s foreign policy achievements: “I think the Obamaites need to be more aggressive in foreign policy arguments. Obama ended one war in Iraq, dispatched Osama bin Laden...


Some, Many, and Most

While flipping through yesterday’s New York Times I hit upon this piece which gave me pause.  For a number of reasons it didn’t sit right with me, and I was happy to see Glen...


The Bush Revival

Inspired by this incredibly silly post, I thought I’d recommend an old but prescient article from Ross Douthat on the all-but-inevitable recovery of Bush’s foreign policy reputation. It is staggering to think that a...


Tunisia and Iraq

The analytical gymnastics Jennifer Rubin is forced to perform here to defend the invasion of Iraq are pretty impressive. If the Tunisian revolution spurs reform in neighboring countries, her line of reasoning goes, Iraq’s...


Wars of plunder?

In an uncharacteristically silly post, Erik asserts that all wars are either defensive or driven by “plunder.” He also suggests that the United States’ invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were somehow motivated by a...


A few data points for Jonah Goldberg

Media criticism is often the last refuge of lazy bloggers, so I’ve tried manfully to avoid chiming in on the debate over “epistemic closure” and the conservative movement. But I can resist no longer;...


The Surge – it worked!

A pretty fair-minded assessment from Abu Muqawama: If you want to argue that getting involved in Iraq in the first place was a stupid decision, fine. I agree with you. But trying to argue...



We destroyed these people’s lives, and we propose to buy off their suffering with congressional campaigns? Jesus wept.


Of Elections and Insurgencies

Stephen Lee Myers in the New York Times: Defying a sustained barrage of mortars and rockets in Baghdad and other cities, Iraqis went to the polls in strength on Sunday to choose a new...


Party like it’s 2004

Victor Davis Hanson won’t give up the fight: The president apparently does not realize that in Iraq too there was a coalition, that the Iraq War was approved by both houses of Congress on...


Shooting at Ft. Hood Army Base

The numbers of dead and wounded are different according to the source, but it looks like American soldiers opened fire on other soldiers at a Texas Army base.  According to the New York Times:


The Course(s) of Iraq

Sully writes the following in the wake of the recent horrific bombing in Iraq: But the surge failed in its core task: to create an environment in which the three major sects in Iraq...