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But I Fear

Burt Likko is mildly surprised that the political response didn’t include confiscation of law-abiding citizens’ hunting rifles and imposition of an abortion quota.


Draft Protests

Perhaps it’s best to think of our historical opposition to war not as war protest but as draft protest. I’ve been reading Jerome Marmorstein’s “War As a Disease Epidemic” lately with a student I...


Trust Me, Kids — Peace Is Actually Pretty Awesome

James Fallows continues the Iran War watch. I can hardly believe, after all this country has been through, that we are seriously considering another war. Sold to us, I’d add, by the very same...


The Course(s) of Iraq

Sully writes the following in the wake of the recent horrific bombing in Iraq: But the surge failed in its core task: to create an environment in which the three major sects in Iraq...


Soft bigotry, meet low expectations

After I read Ross Douthat’s column this morning, I tweeted that I was nominally on board with his attempt to massage George W. Bush’s reputation. Three hours, two cups of coffee, and a nice...


Iraq June 30th

Tomorrow is the deadline for the exit of US Forces from the cities in Iraq, as per the details of the Status of Forces Agreement between the (then) Bush and Maliki governments. Peter Feaver,...


What the Iraq War Is and What it Isn’t

Let’s start with “isn’t” first: ________________________________________ It’s not a war just about spreading democracy. It’s not a war just about oil. It’s not a war just about stopping a brutal dictator who supposedly had...