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Cory Booker Bows Out

Cory Booker Bows Out

Cory Booker announces that he will be returning to his day job as Senator from New Jersey.

pete buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg’s High Hopes

In The Race To See Who Can Stop Biden, A New Challenger Emerges – And He Could Be Biden’s Easiest Foe To Beat

Iowa Polling

Pete Buttigieg Tops Latest Iowa Polling

Monmouth has new polling out of Iowa, and it has Team Pete feeling good, everyone else feeling anxious, and lots of people asking questions


The Islands of Nebraska

It has received shockingly little coverage, but parts of the Upper Mid-West are suffering some of the worst flooding seen in a generation, if not longer.

The Limits of Enthusiasm: Iowa 2016

Iowa demonstrates that the Trump electoral strategy is not going to work, that Bernie has a long way to go if he wants to beat HRC, and that Marco Rubio may in fact have a chance against Ted Cruz.