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Driving Blind: The Road to “Intervention”

While the President and his administration prime the American public for war with Syria, a look at some of the day’s most prevalent writing on the topic demonstrates just how little anyone knows about what might happen after the country does so.


Some, Many, and Most

While flipping through yesterday’s New York Times I hit upon this piece which gave me pause.  For a number of reasons it didn’t sit right with me, and I was happy to see Glen...


Zack Beauchamp Digs Himself a Deeper Hole

This is a bizarre sort of rhetorical question: Will everyone who said that liberal interventionists “lost all credibility” after the Iraq War, and hence should never be listened to again, renounce their own credibility...


A reed in the wind

Andrew Sullivan is ‘nibbling on some crow‘ at the moment, apparently over his early and vocal criticism of the Libyan war. Here’s Freddie: I confess: the idea that the rebels winning at this stage...


No country for old dictators

As far as I’m concerned there are no good arguments for intervention in Libya. Reports that we’ve saved 100,000 lives there strike me as no better than propaganda. After all, 100,000 was the number...


The bad logic of intervention in Libya

Marc Lynch explains the strategic importance of intervention in Libya (via the Dish): Libya matters to the United States not for its oil or intrinsic importance, but because it has been a key part...


Libya and the American Interest

[updated] It appears Muammar Gaddafi has called a ceasefire following the announcement of a UN no-fly zone: Libyan Foreign Minister Mussa Kussa said the regime would halt all military operations immediately, as Britain and...


On Libya and the Moral Case Against Intervention

~by E.C. Gach a U.N Security Council resolution has been agreed to, and now all that remains is its implementation.  Perhaps the only thing more difficult than getting consensus on a resolution is coordinating its...


don’t just do something, sit there

Props on the title go to Eunomia commenter Grumpy Old Man who was commenting on the second of two very strong posts from Daniel Larison regarding the Iranian riots.   Larison worries that too...


The Humanitarian Empire

Scott wonders again whether there isn’t a place for humanitarian intervention, or a sort of anti-imperialist version, and asks if perhaps the problem is not so much the idea behind such a foreign policy,...