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Colorado’s Single-Payer Ballot Initiative

Colorado will have state single-payer health insurance on the ballot this November. After reading through the initiative, my conclusion is that this is an experiment that no state can undertake…


A Vast Silence

The New York Times ran a story that took Burt Likko’s breath away in outrage when he read it last night. But apparently, he’s pretty much the only one.


Putting a Price on Kidneys

Josh Barro wants to set up a marketplace for human organs. He thinks it’s a good idea, I presume, because he never saw Repo Men (a junky sci-fi movie in which the production of...


Ben Smith Doesn’t Understand How Insurance Works

In a post over at BuzzFeed that makes me want to pound my head against my desk, Ben Smith proves that highly visible political pundits can write regularly about health insurance from 2009-2013 and...


I Can’t Drive 55.

I read the below tweet from Megan McArdle about middle class driving habits (under the cut) while I was riding the Long Island Railroad and a couple of minutes later a woman asked me if...


Plain Dumb Luck

In my perfect world, I’d have Michel Foucault’s old job: Professor of the History of Systems of Thought at the Collège de France. Here’s a bit of what I might want to teach.


Healthcare and monopoly

Russell Arben Fox asks: How should a distributist or localist or communitarian in America feel about proposals which would attempt to provide the same sort of equalization which Democratic party reformers are squawking about,...


Conflicts of interest

James Joyner points us to this bit of union badness from Mickey Kaus: I knew they’d find a way to punish Ford: The new UAW contract with Ford apparently does not give America’s surviving non-bankrupt automaker parity...


misconceptions and deregulation

Just very briefly – “deregulation” does not mean the stripping away of all rules or the desire to enter into a state of anarchy.  So when I speak of “deregulating” the health care industry,...


thoughts on health care ctd.

Conor writes: As I ponder an Obama Administration health care reform bill, whatever that turns out to look like, I am struck by how different the debate is on the left, where Ezra Klein...