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Real Talk on Fake People

Fake faces and real faces giving fake speeches and other forms of manipulation.

Russia Today 3

Russia Today Has a Sad over Facebook Block

How do you say, “Cry me a river” in Russian? Or better yet, sing it in Russian and post to Facebook, which Russia Today’s ‘In the Now’ can no longer do.


I Can’t Drive 55.

I read the below tweet from Megan McArdle about middle class driving habits (under the cut) while I was riding the Long Island Railroad and a couple of minutes later a woman asked me if...


Privacy and Girls Around Me

This is what can happen when you don’t understand the fine nuances of privacy policies: you could wind up a pop-up on Girls Around Me (“GAM”). GAM is a really creepy iPhone app that...


Henry Farrell’s Modest Proposal

He first notes a contrast: On the one side of the balance sheet, we have Richard B. Cheney. This gentleman, now in private life, is a self-admitted and unrepentant perpetrator of war crimes –...


Symmetrical Idiocy

I was going to take Michael Goldfarb to task for suggesting that Iran policy ought to be dictated by some anonymous student demonstrator, but then The Guardian published an entire op-ed inspired by little...


don’t just do something, sit there

Props on the title go to Eunomia commenter Grumpy Old Man who was commenting on the second of two very strong posts from Daniel Larison regarding the Iranian riots.   Larison worries that too...

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