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Inauguration Day in America

Live stream of the events of the day and discussion throughout as Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America.

Donald Trump 100

A Mostly Peaceful Transition of Power

Many will be disappointed, but history tells us exactly what President Trump will do from here on out. And it doesn’t end in a bang.

So Long, President Obama

It is hard to decouple Obama’s presidency from my personal life, but as he spends his last day in office, I can’t help but wish he stayed longer.

The Second Inaugural: A Big Speech

[A little late to post this, I know, but I just realized I had not shared it with the League when I first wrote it. — EI] I don’t know what I expected to...

Barack Obama 2.0 = the Left’s Mitch McConnell

(Alternate Title: “Trolling the Republicans: Obama’s Elephant Gambit”) It’s 2013, just days before a presidential reinauguration. Do you know who your president is? The blogosphere contains myriad cottage industries inspired by Barack Obama’s supposed...