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Thoughts on Immigration

Guest writer Gabriel Conroy’s thoughts start with this:

“There’s something wrong about a law that forbids or curtails people’s mobility.”


What happened to the “danged fence”?

You won’t find me getting terribly agitated about immigration reform either way – I think it’s the right thing to do, but I don’t see it as much of an opportunity to gain Hispanic-vote...


Les Misérables

It’s tough for me to sit back and watch the immigration reform discussion currently taking place in this nation. Driving back from work last week to the house my immigrant wife and immigrant children...


Too Steep A Path

Yesterday I read the Senate Gang of Eight’s proposal on immigration reform. (Since when was Marco Rubio in this group, which first formed before he was elected to the Senate?) It promises a “tough but...


Making sense of the DREAM Act

Timothy Lee has a really good post up responding to Reihan Salam on the merits of the DREAM Act and, importantly, on how the DREAM Act relies on our better virtues: The pro-DREAM argument...


Imagine there’s no countries

This is a pretty excellent chart from Reason illustrating just how terrible the immigration process really is for people attempting to come here and work legally. It’s pretty obvious that until we change this,...


Increased border enforcement leads to more migrant deaths

Adam Serwer posts this rather grim chart: He writes: "Skeletal remains" refers to those bodies so decomposed that cause of death couldn’t be determined. Perversely, increased border enforcement seems to have the effect of...


Manufacturing right-wing bias

Von, of ObiWings, dissects a rather unsurprisingly propagandistic Rasmussen poll on immigration: Although 58 percent of voters want to abolish birthright citizenship for illegal aliens, "[s]ixty percent (60%) of voters favor a welcoming immigrant...


“There Is No Arizona”*

I’m a committed believer in open borders and, failing that, of a robust guest worker program and something in the neighborhood of absolute amnesty for illegal immigrants.  Moreover, I’ve got no real affinity for...


charter cities ctd.

Here’s a thought.  Preventing immigrants from coming to the United States to work essentially creates a barrier to exit.   Immigrants are forced to remain within the monopoly of their native state.  Removing the barrier...