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Blank To The Bone

“Expect to be called a demogogue, but dont be a demogogue.”


Tactics Triumphant

Aha! So this is what happened to the Heritage Foundation.


Preach It, Brother Nate!

Statistics wizard Nate Silver talks about the re-launch of FiveThirtyEight on ESPN, political punditry, and burritos.


Ideology is the Enemy: Prelude

Over the next several weeks months I will be writing about the recent ascendance of ideology in the United States and why it worries me.  Specifically, I worry that the voting public’s generations-long desire...


Testing ideology

~by James Hanley Fellow reader Stillwater, responding to my critique, writes: you [Hanley] keep insisting there is this significant difference between our theories, our policies, our preferred values, our analytical methods. If there isn’t...


The Hunger Games and Politics

So what did I think? The Hunger Games is about the empire of economic necessity. If you’re a human being, congratulations. You’re playing the hunger games too. Within just a few hours, you will...


Curb Your Dogma

~by RTod Two weeks ago I wrote a guest post for the League; it essentially had two central thrusts at its core: The first was trying to define a kind of principle-centered pragmatism. But...


Revisiting Millman’s Taxonomy

Unlike Lisa, I’m hesitant to describe populism as a complete ideology. The characteristics of American populism she identifies – evangelism, a healthy skepticism towards meritocratic achievement, a reverence for the “ordinary” – are certainly...


There’s more than one way to skin a moderate

[Updated] Writing of Evan Bayh, Ross Douthat opines: America needs politicians who stake out interesting, politically-courageous positions on important policy questions. What it doesn’t need is politicians who occupy the safest possible ground on...


An unsettled dogma

Jonah Goldberg has a very smart response to Jim Manzi’s reflections on “liberty-as-means” libertarians vs. “liberty-as-goal” libertarians.  I want to focus on Jonah’s post here, but you should read Manzi as well.  Jonah writes:...


The Age of Ideological Uncertainty

Indulge me, if you will, in a little self-reflection. I would probably describe myself as a libertarian conservative. I’m pretty sympathetic to the ideas of limited, decentralized government, free markets, and a decent respect...



I was going to write a longer post on this, but one interesting consequence of Obama’s decision to escalate the war in Afghanistan (a decision I support, however tentatively) is the ad hoc redrawing...


even this ship needs steering

Via Andrew, Felix Salmon pokes holes in a list of necessary reforms from Nassim Taleb: Taleb’s first principle is that “nothing should ever become too big to fail”. But all economies have too-big-to-fail institutions;...


Tradition and Ideology

J.L. Wall, writing in response to Scott’s treatise on 21st Century Conservatism, writes: There’s a danger in a self-conscious tradition, and a tradition in which it’s acceptable to toss off a limb for the...

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