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The Eagle Has Encountered Customs

The following story is meant to be humorous. The crew of Apollo 11 did not, as far as we know, have a Duty Free catalog in the Command Module.



Too soon? Insensitive? Maybe. But imagining what COVID Clue might be like has got to better than watching another one of Trump’s insane press conferences from between my fingers.


The False Moustache

Sometimes there is not one sense of humor in the office.

Noah Hears From God While on Twitter

If God decided to destroy the earth with a flood in 2018… Noah is tapping away furiously on Twitter when he hears a thunderous voice with reverb – like he’s maxed out his Beats headphones:

We’re #1! We’re #1!

In the age of participation trophies and 9th place ribbons, it only seems appropriate that every state be the best at something.