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In Which I Turn Into A Neoliberal Shill

This is not the most original post idea I’ve ever had, but this post by Matt Yglesias got me thinking, and I decided to just write it all down. The basic argument is about...


Consensus Facit Legem

By Wardsmith Are HOA’s a good metaphor for government? In the much-commented OP by Dr. Hanley, interlocutor M.A. brought up Home Owner Associations (HOA’s), most specifically as a foil against the concept that Libertarians...


Aging boomer trends

Here are a couple of interesting (and troubling) posts about what aging boomers are up to.  First, the LA Times reports that, as predicted, the nation’s 77 million boomers are beginning to dump their...


Race and homeownership, continued

A few months ago, I recommended Jason Kuznicki’s excellent article on America’s history of state-sanctioned racial discrimination. In it, Kuznicki discusses the relationship between government regulations and social prejudice (emphasis mine): In a mobile...

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