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The End of Absolute Sexual Morality

The End of Absolute Sexual Morality

My friend Darwin observes: When trying to make-nice to conservatives, proponents of “same sex marriage” tend to emphasize it as a way of enshrining commitment and sexual morality. However, while this tends to suggest that same sex relationships should have the same moral obligations and boundaries as traditional ones, in practice I have never known…

"Dignity and Respect"

“Dignity and Respect”

I’m not sure why this hasn’t taken the Internet by storm, but Wired found a military comic from 2001 explaining how army personnel are expected to deal with “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Fortunately (or tragically, depending on your appreciation for unintentional comedy), the artist omitted any depiction of the “homosexual acts” that prompted this riveting…

Survey Says: 49% of Americans Don't Much Like Homosexuality

Survey Says: 49% of Americans Don’t Much Like Homosexuality

This exchange between Rod Dreher and Ta-Nehisi Coates on the basis of opposition to same-sex marriage is interesting, if only because it provides another striking example of how ones identity has an incredible impact on how one views the world and other human beings.  That is, it’s pretty easy to believe that bigotry drives political action against…