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How To Apologize

Jonah Hill gets right what so many before him got wrong.

Notes on a slur

Yes, Mr. Baldwin. Using those words really does make you a homophobe.

FIFA World Cup 2022: Kowtowing to Homophobia

FIFA’s decision to award the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar over the UK, the Low Countries, and Spain/Portugal, and the US, respectively was utterly inexplicable, bizarre, and appalling to begin...

McDonnell’s thesis

A friend pointed out that a lot of the discomfort surrounding McDonnell’s thesis comes from its arcane terminology – words like “fornicator” and “homosexual” are less common nowadays and suggest some distasteful religious overtones....

John Derbyshire and the Wise Latina

“Judge Sotomayor was raised in public housing? So was I. Her mother was a nurse working late shifts? So was mine. When did white working poor people disappear off the face of the earth?...