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Jane Wick

We’ve had female Terminators and female superheroes.  Why couldn’t a woman be the next John Wick?

Michael Bay Answers Critics of His Upcoming Easter Movie

Advanced showings of Michael Bay’s upcoming Easter movie, which depicts the events immediately preceding and following the crucifixion of Jesus, has come under fire from critics and religious scholars alike. Hoping to stave off protests, Bay has issued both an apology and explanation. Will it be enough?

Curious Casting

If Jesus and Santa can be white, why not Freddie Mercury?

Hollywood Squares

Freddie nods approvingly at Conor Friedersdorf’s latest manifesto for conservative writers and entertainers at Doublethink online, and sure enough, it’s a good read. But I wonder if Hollywood’s laissez-faire approach to ideology extends to...

Whither Phoenix?

I think Joaquin Phoenix is a good actor but honestly what the hell is going on with him?