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There Will Be No Single Payer

But take heart, the future of government health-care is almost certainly more generous than its present.

Linky Friday The Doomteenth

This Week: Healthcare, Media, Space, Creatures, Energy, Doom, and Transportation!


Right Hand, please confer with Left Hand

The Real Healthcare Crisis, Part III: Telling Stories

Much of what we talk about when we talk about healthcare are the stories we choose to tell. Before we can solve this country’s healthcare crisis, it will be important for us to recognize this.

The Rural Health Care Crisis

The discrepancy in quality healthcare isn’t just between the rich and the poor, it also exists between urban and rural patients. Michael Caine looks at the healthcare crisis afflicting America’s rural communities.

Insurance 101: Obamacare Edition

Later this week I’ll be posting an argument that is against Obamacare but for healthcare reform. Consider this post reference material you’ll need to know for that post.

A Peek Across the Political Multiverse

by Renee Hi there! Welcome to my sci-fi-political lab. That’s right! We use 24th century technology today to answer those tough questions about politics. No, I’m not a political scientist or a physicist –...

Common Sense

Damon Linker on appeals to common sense in American politics is worth reading, even if he overlooks the fact that like all rhetorical tropes, celebrating the intuition of the American people is a thoroughly...

Double standards

When the House recently passed a healthcare bill which included restrictions on the use of federal money to subsidize abortion, liberals were up in arms.  “It restricts choice!” they cried.  Let’s oppose it!  Let’s...

Sarah Palin’s latest foray into the healthcare debate

Here it is. There’s a lot to digest – some good, some less so – but my first impression is that criticizing Obama for installing unelected, unaccountable and (at least according to her) unpopular...

If I were a progessive . . .

I think I’d be downright enthusiastic about Bill Bradley’s plan to marry health care reform with tort reform. It seems to me that legal damages are basically an ad hoc way of compensating for...

Three Things to Remember About The Prez’s Role in Healthcare

Ezra Klein writes: What’s been striking, however, is the implicit argument that this is somehow a simple failure of liberal will. Rachel Maddow called it “a collapse of political ambition.”…The unifying idea here is...

Garden State

I just stumbled across this old post from Reihan Salam’s new policy blog, wherein he offers a very Foucauldian take on whether we have a right to healthcare. Definitely worth a read.