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How To Pay For It

I’m against Medicare for All but I understand that many people are for it. There are various arguments in favor. But paying for it will not be easy. And supporters had best stop trying to pretend that it is.


Insurance 101: Obamacare Edition

Later this week I’ll be posting an argument that is against Obamacare but for healthcare reform. Consider this post reference material you’ll need to know for that post.


Bad prices, public spending, and poverty

Matt Yglesias points to this Heritage report that suggests the living standards of the poor have gotten better over the years so poverty isn’t really a big deal anymore. He writes: A serious person...


The Walker Roadmap

Mike Konczal has an excellent post up on the three-pronged approach Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is taking in his stealth budget. In fact, he’s charted the whole thing out: The assault on unions is...


Open-Enrollment vs. the Mandate

Someone in the comments (forgive me, off the top of my head I can’t recall who) recently suggested that, instead of an individual mandate we could have yearly open-enrollment periods. Well, looks as though Senator...


Legislating from the bench

Orin Kerr explains the essential problem with the recent District court ruling against the new healthcare law: This might work as a Supreme Court opinion that can disagree with precedent. But Judge Vinson is...


Florida Judge Voids Affordable Care Act

Brian Beutler has the scoop: A federal district court judge in Florida ruled today that a key provision in the new health care law is unconstitutional, and that the entire law must be voided....


The Wyden/Brown plan

The best healthcare reform bill introduced in congress during the recent healthcare overhaul debate, The Healthy Americans Act, came from Senators Ron Wyden (D, OR) and Bob Bennett (R, UT) and was supported by...


Competition in the healthcare industry

John Hood, writing at The Corner, grumbles about the shuttering of Principal Financial’s health insurance division. This is understandable since Principal Financial provides Mr. Hood with his own insurance. Here’s the New York Times:...


Should Democrats pass the healthcare reform bill?

Via Andrew, Jonathan Bernstein thinks the Democrats should pass the bill regardless of the public’s distaste for the process: Reconciliation is thirty years old, and there’s nothing at all wrong with using it to...


Possible compromises for healthcare reform

While I do think that the success or failure of healthcare reform rests squarely on the shoulders of the Democrats in Congress and with the president, I still wish that Republicans would come aboard...


What about health care reform?

Ought health care legislation be stopped dead in its tracks after the Brown win? That is a clear promise he made in the campaign (though procedurally he can’t necessarily stop it himself). But many...


Why I’m supporting the Senate HCR bill

The Senate bill isn’t perfect.  It builds upon many things in our system that we’d do better simply doing away with.  It isn’t as fiscally sound as many would like, and I’m not at...