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Feeling Swell

Somebody’s always taking the joy out of life…


A Cultural History of Anemia

I began to wonder, could that ancient diagnosis of hysteria really just be anemia mixed with a distrust of women’s sexuality?


Roundup, Pseudoscience and the Need for Villains

Every moment of your life you roll dice against death. Certain things load the dice in death’s favor. Other things load them in yours. But the dice never stop rolling.

Let’s Abstain from Mandatory Calorie Counts

I – perhaps ironically – don’t think this is healthy. Life is for living. We’re here for a short time, so make it a good time. In isolation, calorie counts are of limited relevance here.

Yes, Selma Blair. We are Doing It.

MS is like living like Cinderella. Everything is beautiful again until the clock bongs at midnight. Darn moonlight.

Threading the Needle Between Fat Shaming and Fat Acceptance

We all know that being overweight isn’t good for our bodies. And yes, the obesity epidemic is out of control. Fat shaming is not the right response to the problem, though. In fact, it’s making the problem even worse than otherwise would be.


Down With the Nutrition Pyramid?

So to be honest, the last time I thought about the USDA’s dietary and nutritional guidance was thinking of the food pyramid from school. Which is to say that I have given them little to no thought sense. Apparently I am not alone.