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America’s Next Top Pundit

Despite Will’s take on the Washington Post’s “Next Top Pundit” contest, I thought it sounded like a pretty neat way to gain some exposure.  I mean, no matter which way you look at it,...


Deep Inside of a Parallel Universe

Reihan doesn’t think that we should dismiss Republican intransigence as irrational or nihilistic (via Andrew Sullivan): Among Democrats and liberals, there is a belief that Republican opposition to the various Democratic proposals represents a...


Hayek on Health Insurance

I don’t know how, during the long months of this health insurance debate, this quote from Road To Serfdom slipped my mind, but it certainly bears re-emphasis: “Nor is there any reason why the...


I don’t know why . . .

. . . but I find the idea of banning clove cigarettes or this absurd incident much more offensive to my libertarian-ish sensibilities than universal health care.


sheer nonsense

“I now put the chances of a substantial health care bill passing at 75%, and the chances of the Democrats losing the house in 2010 at about 66%.” ~ Megan McArdle Megan’s second estimate...


reforms to the current health care proposal ctd.

Tyler Cowen wades through the Baucus proposal.  Several points: 1. CBO scoring is a very useful institution, for purposes of fiscal discipline, but you shouldn’t confuse it with true cost estimates.  Often a negative...


You lie!

Arnold Kling makes a salient point about Obama’s health care speech:


Bad Medicine

by Dan Summers I watched President Obama’s speech last night with interest. As an unabashed supporter of health care reform, I was heartened by how clearly the President described the intentions of his reform...


Obama’s Well Nigh Impossible Wed. Night Task

President Obama’s two biggest problems politically are 1. a frankly crazy and irresponsible minority GOP party (with plenty of enablers to be sure) and 2. His own party affiliation. In the immortal words of...


holes in the safety net

Jonathan Cohn wades into the Baucus framework [pdf] released today and notices that families making between 300% and 400% above the poverty line ($66,000 to $88,000 for a family of four) would get stuck...


Rights and Responsibilities

Our pal Ken at Popehat (see also Dave Schuler) asks whether there can be an affirmative constitutional right to health care and whether there already exists an affirmative constitutional right that could be compared...


Singapore & Mandatory Savings

Will Wilkinson picks up on the ongoing Singapore discussion.  I alluded to something similar here.  Indeed, the way to transform both our health care, our social security, and our national savings could be found...


Correctly Political: Wealth Care, a Historical Note

~by jfxgillis Okay. So here’s the thing about the health care industry in the USA, especially the insurance sector. It stinks. Everyone knows it. Everyone feels it. We pay more for what we get, and we...


DeLong Care

By way of this post, Matt Yglesias explains why he likes Brad DeLong’s “totally unrealistic health care plan.”  First, to boil down DeLong’s rather long post on the subject, let me lift this excellent...

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