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Threading the Needle Between Fat Shaming and Fat Acceptance

We all know that being overweight isn’t good for our bodies. And yes, the obesity epidemic is out of control. Fat shaming is not the right response to the problem, though. In fact, it’s making the problem even worse than otherwise would be.


Retroactive: This Week in Ordinary Times

This past week, at Ordinary Times:The Magic of Ben Shapiro; When Schools Get Political, What Should Teachers Do?; By a thousand cuts; Yes Hannity Cohen is in fact your lawyer and you should be glad; Letter to younger myself #1: The anti-gay rights amendment; National School Walkout Day, 19 years after Columbine


Colorado’s Single-Payer Ballot Initiative

Colorado will have state single-payer health insurance on the ballot this November. After reading through the initiative, my conclusion is that this is an experiment that no state can undertake…


The Affordable Care Act One Year Later

The New York Times has a new report: the Affordable Care Act seems to be making steady progress against the problem of uninsured Americans. This is despite Republican obstructionism of Medicaid expansion.

by Christopher Carr


It’s Time to Unbundle Health Insurance and Health Care

John C. Goodman in his book Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis argues that Obamacare will not make health care better or more affordable because it doubles down on the same genetic defects as before–the ill-conceived bundling of health care and health insurance. Reformers opposed to Obamacare will be unable to propose a real solution until they see the problem.


Putting a Price on Kidneys

Josh Barro wants to set up a marketplace for human organs. He thinks it’s a good idea, I presume, because he never saw Repo Men (a junky sci-fi movie in which the production of...


Roe Your Own Boat

Living in a country that has already embraced single-payer, universal, socialized health care, the debate around the passage and implementation of, and the court battles in reaction to Obamacare make me wonder just how...


Where’s TVD?

Thanks and regards to those who asked. For the past few weeks I’ve touring hospitals in Philadelphia, adding some hardware to my right femur. A web image, but that’s pretty much what it looks...


Cost Controls and Health Care Education

by: Dan Summers “The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” — Voltaire While reading Jason’s predictions about the health care reform bill, I was struck by one...


Let’s Get Dangerous Serious

As much as I appreciate Jamelle’s Darkwing Duck references (though personally, I’ve always preferred TaleSpin), I think he’s being a bit unfair to skeptics of health insurance reform here. Jamelle argues that we can’t...


I don’t actually recall having any debate

This Gallup poll has gotten a bunch of attention, and I figure it’s worth posting here: Yesterday, Ruth Marcus (or rather, whoever writes her subheadline) called the House debate over the health care bill...


Health Care and Ping Pong

By Wyeth Ruthven Forget conference committees, any observer of health care reform needs to add the term “ping-pong” to their legislative vocabulary. Ping-pong is a little known but increasingly used procedural device to pass...


Healthcare and monopoly

Russell Arben Fox asks: How should a distributist or localist or communitarian in America feel about proposals which would attempt to provide the same sort of equalization which Democratic party reformers are squawking about,...


You don’t know what you’re talking about, do you?

Note: This was a shitty movie. So, if Memeorandum is any indication, a few conservative bloggers have taken to mining fourth-rate dialogue from third-rate science fiction movies in order to make an absurd point about how...