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Poverty guidelines and the costs of health care reform

The Census Bureau reported Tuesday that 15.8 percent of Americans lived in poverty last year, using an alternative method to analyze their numbers provided by the National Academy of Sciences.  This is significantly higher than the...


Why we need (some) government in health care reform

Look, I’m all for more decentralized solutions to health care, but the government simply needs to play a role in setting the rules.  Rick Ungar provides at least one good reason why that is.


Conflicts of interest

James Joyner points us to this bit of union badness from Mickey Kaus: I knew they’d find a way to punish Ford: The new UAW contract with Ford apparently does not give America’s surviving non-bankrupt automaker parity...


Another (predictable) liberal defense of Rep. Grayson

Justin, a Friend of the Blog, isn’t terribly happy with the language Rep. Grayson (infamously?) used to describe the Republican health care alternative: There is no sense in which the Republicans want people to...


Bad Medicine

by Dan Summers I watched President Obama’s speech last night with interest. As an unabashed supporter of health care reform, I was heartened by how clearly the President described the intentions of his reform...


The Speech

Well I listened to President Obama’s speech on NPR last night whilst playing with my daughter and Curious George.  Suffice to say, I didn’t catch the entire thing, though what I did catch sounded...


Obama’s Well Nigh Impossible Wed. Night Task

President Obama’s two biggest problems politically are 1. a frankly crazy and irresponsible minority GOP party (with plenty of enablers to be sure) and 2. His own party affiliation. In the immortal words of...


Good legislation makes everyone happy

In light of Max Baucus’ now circulating health care bill, Josh Marshall asks if he is “the only one who thinks that if the Dems pass a bill with mandates and subsidies for poor...


Wyden-Bennett ctd.

David Frum comes out in favor of Wyden-Bennett and against the Club for Growth’s recent attacks on Senator Bennett.  He points out that the very things the Club for Growth are attacking in Wyden-Bennett...


scattered thoughts on health care

1.  It is disheartening to watch conservatives take up the mantle of Defenders of Medicare, even going so far as to propose a “Senior Citizens’ Bill of Rights.”  It’s really tremendously frustrating and cynical. ...


Symposium on Universal Health Care

Read a wide range of views on whether it’s time for conservatives to embrace universal coverage over at New Majority.


Bill Cassidy is not a bright man

Via Pandagon: Democrats are choosing to “go it alone” without the country if they opt to pass healthcare reform on a party-lines basis, one Republican congressman accused Thursday. “If they go it alone without...


Bad News Bears

Charlie Cook, of Cook Political Report fame, is very good at what he does, and when he says that the Democrats are looking at significant losses in next year’s midterm elections, it’s worth paying...


DeLong Care

By way of this post, Matt Yglesias explains why he likes Brad DeLong’s “totally unrealistic health care plan.”  First, to boil down DeLong’s rather long post on the subject, let me lift this excellent...

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