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Wage Mastery

Is there any possible way to justify putting a cap on CEO pay? Should we be having this conversation or even be taking it seriously? If your answer is no – that we should...


Ben Smith Doesn’t Understand How Insurance Works

In a post over at BuzzFeed that makes me want to pound my head against my desk, Ben Smith proves that highly visible political pundits can write regularly about health insurance from 2009-2013 and...


Health is the War of the State

Healthcare is a political football in every Western country to some extent.  In countries with extensive government healthcare the debate is about what the government should pay for, in the US it’s about whether...


Political Trolls: What the GOP Hath Sowed

Scott’s post last week attacking the Republican behavior before, during and after the health care debate generated quite the lively discussion in the comments thread.  Scott and many primarily left-of-center commenters argued that the...


Klein vs. Ryan

This discussion/interview between Ezra Klein and Rep. Paul Ryan is the best thing I’ve seen in the health care debate in months.  Given Ryan’s position as a GOP point man on health care reform,...


Paul Ryan’s Budget

“If Obama’s efforts to create a viable regulatory framework in which individuals can buy private health insurance (a) pass congress, and (b) turn out to work well and be popular, then you can imagine...


Vector, Not Scope

I understand what Jamelle is trying to say in response to E.D.  I do.  But I think Jamelle is fundamentally misreading the GOP and the nature of what can make something meaningfully “bi-partisan” (much as...


Welcome to the Village

I have seen a lot of pretty good analysis of last night’s elections coming from the “fringes” on both sides, but especially from the far Left.  I have also seen a lot of crappy...



Others here may well disagree, but I would like to associate myself with every word of James Joyner’s response to Andrew Sullivan’s accusation that a Scott Brown win will signal “a nihilist moment, built...


Health Care Reform and the Constitution

A pretty good George Will column on the constitutionality of a health insurance mandate. I’m waiting on our resident legal expert to weigh in with a more informed opinion.


Worse Than Terrorism?

Rep. Virginia Foxx thinks that the health care bill is “worse than terrorism“:


The Big Picture

I don’t really have anything insightful to add to Hendrik Hertzberg’s most recent post, but this is certainly worth repeating: