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Hate Crimes on the Razor’s Edge

by Glyph Last week, sixteen Amish men and women in Ohio were convicted of federal Hate Crimes and could serve several decades in Federal prison for cutting the hair and beards of other Amish in the...

The Annual Misuse of Hate Crime Statistics

NOTE: SIGNIFICANT UPDATES BELOW THE JUMP. Every year around this time, the FBI publishes its statutorily-mandated annual report on hate crime statistics.  Like clockwork, every year that report gets misused no matter what the FBI...

law & order & checks & balances

Nick Gillespie has an interesting post up about laws and social behavior over at Hit & Run: However, there are also clear governmental actions that very quickly caused changes in behaviors and attitudes that corresponded...

Silly Arguments Against Hate Crimes Legislation

No, we probably shouldn’t be in the business of creating special protections for homeless victims, but this latest bout of legislative idiocy has provoked some uncommonly silly responses. Obviously, intent matters. If someone is...

Hate Crimes and the homeless

I’m not sold one way or the other on the hate crime debates.  Sullivan takes issue with the idea of the homeless being protected under such laws:

Hate Crimes (III)

Andrew Breitbart takes a flying leap over the shark with his latest bit of commentary (emphasis mine):

Hate Crimes (II)

National Review’s David Freddoso raised a few smart objections to pending hate crimes legislation:

Hate Crimes

The House is considering new legislation that, as best I can tell, provides state governments with grants for combating hate crimes and mandates additional penalties for criminal acts motivated by racial, religious or sexual...