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A partial setlist with autobiographical fragments.


There It Is — Take It

Burt Likko celebrates the history of a city that seems all too frequently to act as though it had none, on the centennial anniversary of an important, oft-overlooked event. In the beginning was a ditch…


Beyond Capitalism

Umair Haque has an interesting post up at the Harvard Business Review asking whether Marx was in fact correct about capitalism – not about communism mind you, but about capitalism. Marx, after all, did...


Peak Growth?

David Roberts has an excellent conversation with…well he’s got voices in his head (Smith and Daly) having an internal dialogue over a very important question: Can we keep growing the economy in light of...


In Defense of Capitalism

Please read Jagdish Bhagwati’s excellent defense of free markets and free trade in the wake of the global financial panic.


Growth and Prosperity

The loss of our self-understanding as parts of a whole meant that individuals who achieved material success were able to consider their achievement as fully their own. By contrast, those who happened to be...