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A New Kind of Grand Bargain

Alex Pareene noticed this, too, but something I wanted to highlight is the fact that the president’s calling his new proposal — a cut to corporate tax rates in exchange for using the freed-up money...


A good idea packaged wrong

President Obama is looking to strike another deal, using the corporate tax rate as a bargaining chip, but is this really the way to get economic growth?


John Boehner: Liked but Not Well-Liked

National Review‘s Robert Costa has a behind-the-scenes report on Speaker Boehner’s failed effort to get his caucus to pass his “Plan B,” an entirely political, ultimately feeble attempt to confuse the issue and insulate Republicans from incurring...


The Grand Bargain, Revisited

Before describing himself as “agonizing” over whether to support it or not, Paul Krugman tries to distill the pro/con of the latest potential Grand Bargain: So is what Obama gets out of this — basically unemployment...


About Today’s Fiscal Cliff Trial Balloon

Note: Such are things right now that writing about the fiscal cliff struck me as a welcome diversion. Ezra Klein is the White House’s favorite young journalist, so he’s been the guy when it comes to...