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No, Google Did Not Steal The Election

This is one of the classic methods of junk science — multiplying humbug by humbug, extrapolating upward and onward until you get dramatic conclusions that defy any common sense.

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If Facebook Is The Problem, Is This The Solution?

I don’t think the idea of using anti-trust law to keep companies from monopolizing online sales is completely stupid. Not totally. Not 100%. But that is the last tool I would reach for, not the first.

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Taxing in the Name Of: Seattle Head Tax Repealed

Back in May the Seattle City Council unanimously passed the “head tax” under the auspices of raising funds for the homeless. But in the face of opposition from Seattle’s largest businesses, and a certain legal challenge to the law itself, the council has reversed themselves.

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Political Discrimination Might Actually Be A Thing

James Damore, the “echo chamber memo” guy, just filed a high profile lawsuit against his former employer, Google. He might have the chance to blaze a new trail in California employment law along the way.


Dig The Doodle

Good graphic design should be simple and communicate in an immediately powerful way. Here’s an example.


Driving Blind: Let Them Eat Amazon Coins!

Derek Thompson outlines the striking disparity between finance and labor coming out of the 2008 collapse. He explores three possible explanations for why.


Everybody loves Cheerios

I’m always drawn to these kinds of studies, even though they’re never really insightful. This one mainly backs up what everyone already knows about geography and age demographics among partisans (is it really any...


Swimming in the Shallows

Cover via Amazon I’m a little hesitant to jump into another discussion about Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows, since I’m self-conscious about the fact that it’s in my top 3 Books I Somehow End Up...


Google’s Attempt to Takeover the World Reaches New Levels

Wow.  This morning Google announced that it has launched a new feature on Google Scholar that makes it possible for anyone, anywhere, to do a comprehensive search of every published court decision in the country.  This is huge...


Our Twitterific Future

A few weeks ago, I lamented my inability to finish long, difficult books. Over at First Thoughts, Jared Bridges offers a more hopeful interpretation of our changing reading habits.


Murdoch vs. Google

Rupert Murdoch, media mogul extrordinaire, has decided that links coming from the search engine monolith Google are parasitic and should be banned outright.  Yes – what most of us online strive for – links...


Yes, Google is making me stupid

Or at least less apt to struggle through difficult, rewarding books. You see, I was (belatedly) inspired by The American Scene’s “Fall of the U.S.A.” series to pick up John Dos Passos and give...


Google Bleg

I know Freddie thinks Google wants to eat our souls (along with that nefarious Steve Jobs) but I kind of like the monolithic software company, personally.  Lately I’ve really grown attached to Google Chrome....


Free or Ad-Free?

Microsoft is going to give away the online version of Office 2010 for free.  Douglas Rushkoff thinks this is the wrong approach:


tackling brands is tricky, tackling verbs is even harder

Matt Yglesias asks “Is bing better?” in reference to Microsoft’s new search engine which may or may not become a real competitor to Google.  Microsoft often enters these various markets with mixed success –...


Google Chrome OS

Google is announcing plans for a Google operating system: Google Chrome OS:


Google’s Responsibility

Andrew Sullivan flags a noble-sounding quote from Google CEO Eric Schmidt: “The internet is the strongest force for individual self-expression ever invented. Governments around the world, even democratically elected, have difficulty with [the flow...

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