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Movie Notes: First Reformed

A (fairly) recent movie asks if God can forgive us for what we’ve done to His creation.

In Which I Lead Astray

Kyle Cupp explains why he doesn’t worry about leading others astray when he writes critically or questioningly about religion.

The “Feminized” Jesus

Lieutenant General William G. “Jerry” Boykin, now with the Family Research Council, wants to be like the Jesus who was a “man’s man,” who had “big, bulging biceps” and “smelled bad.”  Nothing is stopping...

Many of You Are Going to Hell

Scripture and Tradition both indicate that few are saved and many are damned. Should Christians assent to this doctrine?

Can We Have Post-Modern Faith?

A new study out of the University of Chicago shows, in its words, a “modest” decline of belief in God globally, with dramatic variations among individual countries.  I don’t want to argue about the...

Some Underwhelming Reflections on “3/11”

Sunday was the one-year anniversary of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami that killed 20,000 people, and I feel I kind of owe it to myself and others to share my thoughts. I haven’t really...

The Party of Theocracy

As of last week, we all know that Christine O’Donnell doesn’t much care for separation of church and state. As far as surprising campaign knows goes, that’s near the very bottom of the list,...

Proof of God, continued

If God cannot prove His omnipotence (or infinity) to human beings because they are neither omnipotent or omniscient or infinite, couldn’t God simply make all human beings into omniscient, omnipotent, and infinite beings? If...

Folk wisdom and the tyranny of the experts

[updated below] I’ve been thinking about birth a great deal lately. This is likely because birth in my family is just around the corner. Our second is due in July. In any case, all...