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What Progressivism Is (Updated)

Back in 2010, Paul Ryan told Glenn Beck: …what I’ve been trying to do is indict the entire vision of progressivism because I see progressivism as the source, the intellectual source for the big...


Happy Meal Conservatism

This is an appropriate time to turn back, once again, to one of my favorite John Derbyshire pieces published waybackwhen in The American Conservative: How Radio Wrecks the Right. A long excerpt: Taking the...


Rightwing Duck

Bob Cheeks wants an example of Glenn Beck being inflammatory. Well that’s Beck’s whole schtick, and while I think the left overblows both his influence and the level of his inflammatory language he is nonetheless...


Dealing With Political Blind Spots

Ezra Klein had a great rundown yesterday on a psychological phenomenon called motivated skepticism: On the simplest level, American politics presents us with an incentives problem: McConnell — like most minority leaders — is an...


Beck and Obama’s radically different theologies

[updated] It is perhaps a little ironic that Beck is invoking theology so often and especially in order to demonize Obama further. Ironic because conservative and evangelical Christians probably have more in common theologically...


The Obama Overton Coup Window and other fairy tales

[updated] Oh my: It’s January 2011. The GOP is about to assume control of both houses of Congress—having been voted in by a public deeply suspicious of Democrats after President Barack Obama conducted clandestine...


culture is everything (well, mostly everything)

“In short, liberals and conservatives refuse to see the areas in which they have common ground because far too often they simply cannot get past the cultural markers that prevent them from even listening...


Glenn Beck – hero or villain?

Conor thinks it’s a good sign that “prudent conservatives and libertarians are growing uncomfortable with Mr. Beck’s rhetoric.”  I agree, but for entirely different reasons.


Glenn Beck and Southpark

Here’s Beck on his radio show, taking the Southpark parody rather well I think.


Beck’s Moment

The interesting thing about Glenn Beck is that aside from being completely crazy, his substantive views on policy (if someone like Beck can be described as having substantive views on anything) are about as...


Prospects for Reclaiming Intellectual Conservatism

I read Steven Hayward’s article on intellectual conservatism with some interest, mainly because I thought Hayward – as a scholar with the American Enterprise Institute and frequent contributor to The Weekly Standard – would...


Glenn Beck for Peace

Two things about this post from Peter Wehner at Commentary.  I couldn’t agree more that Beck doesn’t represent the “disposition” we want associated with conservatism.  But far more interesting is this:


Jack Hunter on Glenn Beck

I know I just said stop talking about the talking heads – but I think that Jack Hunter is on to something in this post. First off, let me just say that before Beck...


quit talking about talking heads

Guess what?  Talk radio hosts and cable tv stars like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck say crazy, paranoid, flame-baiting, stupid, awful things.  Surprise! They do it for the ratings.  It’s a ploy that is...


Glenn Beck and the Red Knight

“I told you about these people.  They only mate with their own kind.   It’s yuppie inbreeding.  That’s why they’re retarded and wear the same clothes.  They don’t feel love.  They only negotiate love moments. ...


It strikes me…

…that these “Tea Parties” are nothing more than GOP leftover rallies from a population still deeply absorbed in its own denialism over the loss of the Presidency to a Democrat.