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Caleb Hannan, Gender Identity and Journalistic Ethics

Grantland’s Caleb Hannan faces questions about his journalistic ethics as he writes about Essay Anne Vanderbilt, a trans woman working to build a better putter. His ethics may remain intact, but his decency is nowhere to be found.


The “Feminized” Jesus

Lieutenant General William G. “Jerry” Boykin, now with the Family Research Council, wants to be like the Jesus who was a “man’s man,” who had “big, bulging biceps” and “smelled bad.”  Nothing is stopping...


The Myth of a Man

In Linky Friday #29, Will highlights a recent column in The Atlantic by Hugo Scwhyzer that asked, “What If Men Stopped Chasing Much-Younger Women?” His argument, that the Old Man/Young Woman relationship dynamic intrinsically harms...


“Girls be making HBO shows, am I right?”

This gives a brief (if overly patronizing and insensitive) summary of what bothered me about HBO’s new show: Girls. I didn’t know much about it going in, other than I was pretty excited. Anyone...


Defining Liberalism: A deontological account

I know that this post is going to get me into lots of hot water with a number of guys (which I mean in the most gender neutral way) at the league here whom I deeply...


Occasional Notes: The Most Genderful Time of the Year

Among Christmas’s many other attributes, I think you could probably make the case that it is the most intense in its gender divisions. Only Valentine’s Day suggests itself more strongly, but Christmas is when...


A Note on Athenian Pederasty

This is one of the posts from my other blog that disappeared into the ether with our technical difficulties. It seems to deserve reposting here for a couple of reasons. First, it fits well...

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