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Manhood Isn’t Toxic, but It Also Isn’t Static

Still, traditional masculinity, no matter how you define it, has been an undeniably productive force in the world. In tandem with femininity, it has carried humanity into a future that holds boundless potential for our intellectual, physical, psychological and spiritual development. We are the brightest, most advanced, and most durable creatures this planet has ever seen. Masculinity deserves its fair share of the credit for that.

Context, It Seems, Does Matter

Imagine, if you will, that you and I are standing in my backyard.  We are tossing a football back and forth.  Eventually, this simple game of catch ceases to suffice and we begin to...

Fathers Aren’t Mothers

Over at the New York Times, Katrin Beinnhold writes about the experience her husband and she had when they reversed typical gender roles as parents: I did something countless men do — in the...